TFunctionParser as Automation/COM-Server

What is TFunctionParser?

TFunctionParser™ is a Math Parser for analyzing and evaluating mathematical functions.
The function term is a user given string like 'sin(x)*t'. The function term can be changed at runtime.
TFunctionParser provides about 100 mathematical intrinsic functions and operations. The user can define functions, constants and variable names himself.

Thus TFunctionParser is a software that can be used by software developers to build their own applications embedding a powerful and comprehensive mathematical parser for quick and easy analyzing and evaluating mathematical functions.

Every programming or scripting language that supports COM can use TFunctionParser: Delphi, C, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, VBScript, JavaScript, VBA, Java, PowerShell, ...

TFunctionParser Interaction with Clients


TFunctionParser provides the following features:

  • Algebraic syntax, not case sensitive
  • Parentheses ()
  • Floating point numbers (IEEE format)
  • Support of hexadecimal numbers
  • Angles in radians, degrees or gons
  • Userdefined variablenames (default: x, y, z and t)
  • Implemented mathematical constants
  • Userdefined constants
  • About 100 predefined mathematical functions and operations in TFunctionParser
  • Userdefined functions based on the predefined ones (macros)
    functions can be nested, combined and inserted into other functions, like 'f(g(sin(1/x))+x/2)*h(g(x-1);pi)', where f(x), g(x) and h(x) are userdefined functions.
  • Userfunctions: YOUR own code is evaluated
  • Easy to use

System requirements

Windows 95/98/ME, NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8.x/10.
Now available for 32 and 64 bit!

Typical Applications

  • Mathematical Function Plotter
  • Financial and Banking Software
  • Calculators
  • Medical Evaluations
  • Mathematical Education and Training
  • Database Applications
  • ...


Application Sample of TFunctionParser


TFunctionParser 7.4 is Shareware.
You may test it for a period of 30 days.

If you use it in your non-commercial applications you must register it. The license fee for non-commercial use is 20 EUR.
If you want to use TFunctionParser for commercial purposes please contact us.


TFunctionParser, 32 bit
(zipped, about 460 kB, last updated 2016-May-12,
MD5: D57F7E6F3FB7F5881E1BDFFD2295DAEE)

TFunctionParser, 64 bit
(zipped, about 1.1 MB, last updated 2016-May-12,
MD5: D7DD1489A503E2C2ED43B2766DFFFDDD)

Older versions are still available as Delphi Components.

TFunctionParser is one of our award-winning software products.

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