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we would like to inform you that our company will be closed temporarily.
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We will resume operations on August 14th.
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KenTest™ is a software-based Audience Response System ARS (also known as Student Response System, Classroom Response System or Personal Response System), which collects responses of multiple choice questions and can evaluate them.

The trainer, teacher, or presenter runs the KenTest server on his Windows computer and controls it.

The audience have HTTP access over the network (ethernet or Wi-Fi) and give their responses using an internet browser.



  • Client-Server-Architecture.
    System runs completely over HTTP.
  • No additional hardware is necessary.
  • HTTP server is hosted on trainer's Windows computer.
  • Easy to configure, easy to use.
  • Audience don't need to install additional software.
    Any operating system, any internet browser.
    No Javascript, no Flash, no ActiveX, no Java necessary.
  • Any number of clients.
  • Any number of questions.
  • Up to 8 response options. True Multiple Choice.
  • Ascending or random order.
  • Configurable authentication.
  • Elaborate reports.
  • Anonymous or personalised evaluation possible.
  • Realtime evaluation.
  • Text-based questions.
    HTML markup, images, and multimedia objects supported.
  • Poll Mode.
    For getting instant feedback of the audience.
  • Examination Mode.
    Records exams of particular testees.
  • Integrated editor for easy creating and editing of questionnaires.
    Merging questionnaires, export, import.
    Print questionnaires.
    Optional password protection.
  • Well-priced acquisition. No maintenance costs.

More information about KenTest are available in our product flyer.

Watch our Video Tutorial (20 min, 38 MB) about KenTest.

Please note that KenTest is not available for the time being.

ken is a fossil word for knowledge.

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