Dear Visitors and Customers,
we would like to inform you that our company will be closed temporarily.
Requests, orders, and other business activities cannot be processed currently. Our web services remain offline.
We will resume operations on August 14th.
Thank you for your understanding and best regards.
Your MHGS IT Solutions Team

Frequently Asked Questions


  • I like your XXXXX software. But we would need an additional feature. Would you implement it?

    Principally, yes. If this feature is useful for other users, too, we could develop a new version you can upgrade to then. Otherwise we could implement it exclusively for you as a contract. Intermediate arrangements are possible.

  • We are looking for a developer team that is familiar with xxxxx, because we need a new complex application. Are you able to build it, including Help and Setup

    Sure we can. This is our primary task. We build complete solutions: executables and DLLs, HTML-based Help, Installer Package or Setup. If requested, we offer maintenance and support.

  • Do you also write the requirement specification and functional specifications?

    If you wish so, naturally. However, alternatively we can also develop after your specifications.

  • I want to have the source. How much is it?

    Sorry, the sources for our standard applications are not for sale.
    If you, however, give us a contract to develop special software for you, we can agree that you receive the sources.

  • Licensing

  • What about support on the software licensed from you?

    We offer you free eMail support concerning any problem in connection with installation or running operation for a period of two weeks. This is included in the license fee.
    We charge further support according to our arrangement with you.

  • I already acquired software from you. Now I would like to purchase another product. Do I get a discount?

    Of course you get special conditions if you want to upgrade the same product. We distribute bug-fixes, if necessary, even free of charge. With the acquisition of another product reductions can be granted for customers as arranged.

  • Some time ago I licensed XXXXX from you. Now my harddisk has crashed and and my license file doesn't work anymore. Do I have to acquire a new license?

    If the hardware is defect, or if you get a new computer out of other reasons, of course we'll issue a new license file for you without charge.
    Register again and please describe briefly in the Annotationsbox, why your old license file doesn't work anymore.

  • In your license conditions there is a statement that XXXXX is free for private use. I'm a student who wants to use it in a project at the university. Do I have to pay for it?

    As a student you don't use XXXXX commercially. Therefore you are allowed to use it in your project without charge.

  • I'm a commercial user. What are the license conditions?

    This depends on multiple factors: On how many computers to you use the software? Do you want to resale the software?.. Please give us some details by eMailing.

  • Services/ DICOM

  • I want you to work on some of my DICOM files. How can I send them?

    Small data sizes (less then about 2 MB) can be sent via eMail. If the data size is larger you must send your files on media by postal mail.
    We can read and write CDs, MODs (5.25" or 3.5") and DVDs.

  • My radiologist gave me a CD with medical images. But I can't open them with any of my programs. Can you help me?

    Willingly. We could - for example - burn a CD, that contains the images converted to JPEG files, and the data in HTML format. Any multiframes (DICOM files that contain multiple images) could be stored as AVIs.
    Please have a look at our Special Offer.

  • My DICOM workstation refuses to import a certain image. What can you do?

    Mature analysis methods can be used by us to find out where exactly the problem is with this file. Then, after arrangement with you, we can try "to repair" the file .

  • Payment

  • I want to register XXXXX. Do you accept credit cards?

    Sorry, no. Our preferred payment method is a bank transfer. But we have to charge additional fees for transfers from countries outside the S€PA (EU, EFTA).
    We also take payments via PayPal.
    Customers sending data on storage media per postal mail may attach cash, if they prefer, however, on their own risk.

  • What about a cheque?

    We accept cheques only from within EURO countries, but would prefer a bank transfer.

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