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Functions and Operations of TFunctionParser and TComplexParser

Here are the available functions and operations of TFunctionParser 7.7 and TComplexParser 3.2. Older versions may differ. Please refer to the respective documentation.

MHGS CompCalc
Adding:x + yadds x and yXX
Subtracting:x - ysubtracts y from xXX
Multiplying:x * ymultiplies x and yXX
fac(n)factorial of n, n!X
Dividing:x / ydivides x through yXX
n div m
n \ m
integer divisionX
rez(x)reciprocal value of xXX
n mod m
n % m
integer moduloX
modulo(x;y)rest of division x/yX
Powers:x ^ yx to the power of yXX
sqr(x)square of xXX
exp(x)exponential of xXX
Roots:sqrt(x)squareroot of xXX
cbrt(x)cubic root of xX
root(n;x)n-th root of xX
Logarithms:ln(x)log. with base e of xXX
lg(x)log. with base 10 of xX
lb(x)log. with base 2 of xX
log(b;x)common log. with base b of xX
Trigonometric Functions:sin(x)sine of xXX
cos(x)cosine of xXX
tan(x)tangent of xXX
cot(x)cotangent of xXX
sec(x)secans of xX
cosec(x)cosecans of xX
Arc Functions:arcsin(x) arc sine of xXX
arccos(x)arc cosine of xXX
arctan(x)arc tangent of xXX
atan2(y;x)arc tangent of y/xX
arccot(x)arc cotangent of xXX
Hyperbolic Functions:sinh(x)hyperbolic sine of xXX
cosh(x) hyperbolic cosine of xXX
tanh(x) hyperbolic tangent of xXX
coth(x) hyperbolic cotangent of xXX
Area Functions:arsinh(x)inverse hyperbolic sine of xXX
arcosh(x)inverse hyperboloc cosine of xXX
artanh(x)inverse hyperbolic tangent of xXX
arcoth(x)inverse hyperbolic cotangent of xXX
Statistical Function:gauss(x)standardized normal distribution of xX
normdist(x;mu;sigma)normal distribution of x with average mu and standard deviation sigma(X)
erf(x)error function of xX
inverf(x)inverse of error function of xX
n over k
binomial coefficient n over kX
poisson(μ;n)Poisson distribution of n with average μX
poicum(μ;n)cumulated Poisson distribution up to n with average μX
Random Numbers: rnd(x)random number in [0,x[X
rand(a;b)random number in [a,b[X
poirand(μ)Poisson distributed random numbers with average μX
gaussrand(μ;σ)Gaussian distributed random numbers with average μ and standard deviation σX
Bessel Functions:J0(x)0th order of xX
J1(x)1st order of xX
J2(x)2nd order of xX
J3(x)3rd order of xX
J4(x)4th order of xX
J5(x)5th order of xX
J(n;x)n-th order of xX
Integral Functions:Si(x)sine integral of xX
Ci(x)cosine integral of xX
Ei(x)exponential integral of xX
li(x)logarithm integral of xX
Gammafunction:gamma(x)gamma function of xX
Lambert W function:w(x)Lambert W function of x, AKA product logarithm, omega function X
Stepfunctions:theta(x)=1 if x >0, else =0X
sgn(x)signum function of xX
int(x)integer part of xX
round(x)x rounded to next integer valueX
ceil(x)x rounded to higher integer valueX
floor(x)x rounded to lower integer valueX
Periodical Functions:triangle(x)triangle waveform (period 2π)X
sawtooth(x)sawtooth waveform (period 2π)X
square(x)square waveform (period 2π)X
Absolute Values:abs(x)absolute |x|X(X)
cabs(x;y)absolute |x+iy|X
Miscellaneous:frac(x)non-integer part of xX
max(x;y)maximum value of x and yX
min(x;y)minimum value of x and yX
odd(n)=1 if n is odd, =0 if n is even X
gcd(n;m)greatest common divisor of n and mX
lcm(n;m)least common multiple of n and mX
ramp(x;a;b)=0 if x<a, =1 if x>b, else continuation between a and bX
Bitwise and Logical Functions:a and b
a & b
bitwise logic ANDX
a or b
a | b
bitwise logic ORX
(a) xor (b)bitwise logic XORX
bnot(a)bitwise NOTX
logical NOTX
a shl b
a << b
shifts a b bitpositions to the leftX
a shr b
a >> b
shifts a b bitpositions to the rightX
Relational Operators:x = y=1 if x is equal to y, else =0 X
x < > y
x != y
=1 if x is not equal to y, else =0 X
x < = y=1 if x is less or equal to y, else =0 X
x < y=1 if x is less than y, else =0 X
x > = y=1 if x is greater or equal to y, else =0 X
x > y=1 if x is greater than y, else =0 X
IF- Function:if(c;x;y)if condition c=1 then x, else if c=0 then yX
Properties of complex numbers: abs(z)absolute |z|(X)X
arg(z)argument (phase) of zX
re(z)real part of zX
im(z)imaginary part of zX
complex conjugate of zX
Mathematical Constants:picircumference/diameter of circleXX
ebase of natural logarithmsXX
CEuler's constantXX
iimaginary unit, sqrt(-1)X
TRUElogical value 1.0X
FALSElogical value 0.0X
INFINITYsymbolical value for ∞X
NEGINFINITYsymbolical value for -∞X
NaNNot a Number (aborts evaluation)X
Number Formats: ninteger numbersXX
xfloating point numbersXX
zcomplex numbersX
$nhexadecimal numbersX


  • Algebraic syntax, not case sensitive
  • Parentheses ()
  • Floating point numbers (IEEE format)
  • Support of hexadecimal numbers

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